Leak Detection Cape Town


Do You Have A High Water Bill? You May Have An Undetected Plumbing Leak! Accurate leak detection requires a combination of two things:

Specially trained experts and Quality equipment.
We at Plumbing in a Hurry are specialists in the field of leak detection. We have the latest technology available in locating and fixing water leaks. By using the latest and most cutting-edge equipment the success rate on finding an underground leak is almost 100% accurate. By using tracer gas and an electronic sensor machine escaping gas is picked up and traced.

Another method we use is a ground microphone. This machine is able to pick up the sound of running water from a leaking pipe. This can also be used for leaking pipes in walls. We can trace underground water pipes. Galvanised and copper pipes, electrical cables. Storm water and sewer lines can all be located by using our transmitter with a hand held pipe locator. By using the above-mentioned systems we can eliminate the need for excess digging and consequential damage to properties.

It takes a specialist water leak detection service and quality water leak detection equipment to detect a hidden leak. With our state-of-the-art equipment and water leak detection services combined with our plumbing repair service, Plumbing in a Hurry will ensure that the leak is found and fixed before the damage can escalate. By contacting Plumbing in a Hurry you are not only saving water, but saving property owners millions of Rand’s in costly property damage and destruction.

leak detection
leak detection