Geyser repairs & Installations


Water dripping through the ceiling? Water running on top of the roof? Sounds like you may have a leaking or burst geyser. Geyser repairs include elements, thermostats, latco valves, and safety valves.

In Cape Town, geysers are huge and heavy duty. It needs a careful, trained and fully accredited installers to do the job safely and to industry standards. It is not as simple as just plugging it into the power socket and connecting the pipes. The bulky heating system tanks first need to be hoisted into the roof cavity and then it needs efficient plumbing services to connect it to the vast range of water supply pipelines along with safe power connections. If you try to do it yourself or hire any inexperienced geyser installer, it may be detrimental both to your health and safety but also the price you pay later from an inefficient hot water heating system driving up your bills. With our expert services across Cape Town, geyser installation becomes hassle free and gives you 100% peace of mind.

Apart from regular water heating tanks, we also provide installation of solar geysers for efficient water heating at low costs to save you money on your current energy prices. More people today, prefer gas geysers in Cape Town to cut down on their electricity bills. We have state of the art equipment and techniques to efficiently conduct such special installations.

As fully qualified and highly experienced professionals we understand all the technical and other plumbing requirements that are necessary for geyser installation and geyser repair in Cape Town. Our fast response mobile teams are prompt and conscientious of your needs as we know how difficult your day could be without a fully functional boiler.

Geyser repairs
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